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Let’s see where to begin….crafts rule my life right now! LOL That is aside from some very demanding reptiles, especially a spoiled rotten tortoise. Can I use magic to get them all done at once? PLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE! LOL

Well here is what I am working on/have planned right now:

Harry Potter Crafts:

• Chocolate Frog Box-thinking about it with no actual plans yet. But it’s probably going to be made out of wood or thick paper. I do have other “plans” for it too…once it is done. 
• Cross Stitching-I am up in the air as to what design I want to do. One of a snowy owl maybe….?
• Quilling-Definitely going to look into making a cute owl. Hmmm..I think I have a thing for owls….LOL

Other Crafts:
• Cross Stitching
New Jersey Devil- This has been a long “work-in-progress” that I have been making for my brother. The artist of the original art work is Tom Krohne and you can see it here. Tho I know my cross stitch isn’t exact…I will get a photo of the progress for next weeks update…it’s still going to cool looking. My brother BETTER like it with all of the work I have put into it! LOL
Snow Friend Ornament- This is from a kit by Gold Collections. Though it is designed to be an ornament I may just frame it. Will see how that turns out.

There are always new ideas and things running through my head and if I listed them all this would be PAGES long. Maybe next weeks post will include some new stuff. 

Harry Potter Crafts
• Crochet
o Wizard Wear
House Unity Scarf (which can be found on the forum here)
Luna's Necklace (which can be found on the forum here)

Fabric Embellishment
• Stencil
o FAN-tastic!
Elvendork Stencil (which can be found on the forum here )

Featured Crafter of the Month
o October 2010
Marian Hester (which can be found on the forum here)
o November
Chuzzle (which can be found on the forum here)

• Food
o Drinks
Butterbeer (v4) (which can be found on the forum here)

• Jewelry
o Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings
Harry Potter Charm Necklace (which can be found on the forum here)

• Other Crafts
o Muggle Devices
 Houses of Hogwarts Mobile (which can be found on the forum here)
o Parchment & Muggle Paper
Ravenclaw Card (which can be found on the forum here)
Slytherin Card (which can be found on the forum here)
o Wizard Wear
Bellatrix's Death Eater Mask (which can be found on the forum here)

• Sewing
o Muggle Devices
Pygmy Puff Heat Sock (which can be found on the forum here)
Weasley Vases Faces (which can be found on the forum here)

Knitting vs Crochet War Update!!

Wow! I've just recorded the point and the knitters are getting their yarn covered behinds kicked by the crocheters! 189 points for Crocheters... to 12 for Knitters! *Accio knitting submissions!* http://bit.ly/f8VOBh

Introducing Crafty Witch Lara!

 The Crafty Witches are very excited this morning to announce to the magical world a new addition to our team! We are welcoming Crafty Witch Lara (a.k.a. LaraAngela), who is our new High Inquisitor of Crafts World Domination!! *throws cauldron-shaped confetti*

We've asked Lara a few questions so that everyone can get to know her better, so...

Click for the 411!Collapse )

November/December 2010 Contest: We're Going to War! Are You Joining Us?

Today, November 1st, 2010, the war has just begun. Not the war opposing dark wizards to “good ones”, nor any of the numerous wars going on in the Muggle world right now, but a different, more crafty, war! I hereby declare the beginning of the Knitting vs Crochet War!!

The Rules

  1. You can participate by submitting any Harry-Potter related crocheted or knitted item you’ve made and that cannot yet be found on Leaky Crafts or in the Leaky Crafts Galleries. In other words, yes, things you’ve already made but haven’t sent to us can count!

  2. You can write (or make a video of) a tutorial for the item and earn your team extra points (see below). A tutorial must typically include the following:

    • Supplies list

    • Meaning of abbreviations (if applicable)

    • Pattern or stencil to use (if applicable)

    • Gauge (if applicable)

    • Instructions

    • Step-by-step pictures (not mandatory)

    • Final product picture(s)

  3. There is no theme here. As long as the entry is HP-related, it can be entered in the contest. The only craft medias accepted are crochet and knitting.

  4. As of November 1st, you may submit your entries by the following means:

    • By posting in the Contest thread in the Leaky Lounge;

    • By @tweeting us (@TLC_HPCrafts) in the tweets containing your pictures/tutorials;

    • By replying to the Contest post here on LiveJournal;

    • By tagging us in a Facebook picture/post;

    • By posting your pictures in the Photos section on Harry Potter Crafts/ Yahoo!Group;

    • By e-mailing us your pictures and/or tutorials at crafts@the-leaky-cauldron.org.

    Please include your tutorial (if written, either write it in the body of the e-mail or attach it in a Word document), your pictures and/or videos and your MyLeaky username. If your tutorial can be found elsewhere on the internet (LJ, your own website, a Yahoo group, etc.), please give us the link to that site.
  5. All entries must be received NO LATER than 11:59PM EST on December 31, 2010. Entries sent after that will be disqualified.

  6. There will be two teams fighting in this war: the knitters and the crocheters. Each entry will earn your team points as follows:

    • 1 point per picture for the first three items submitted (items 1-3);

    • 3 points per picture for the following two items submitted (items 4-5);

    • 5 points per picture for the following five items submitted (items 5-10);

    • 10 points per picture for items submitted after that (items 11+);

    • 25 points for every knitting or crochet tutorial or pattern submitted.

All tutorials submitted in this contest will be posted on Leaky Crafts, which means that by participating, you give us express permission to post them there.

The Craft-Along will remain open althrough November, so if you wish to discuss what you are making with others, be our guests and join us!

*whispers* If you join the CAL and knit or crochet, you'll personally be getting MyLeaky points for doing that too!!

On that note, a Harry Crafting to you all!

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As you know, the Quidditch season is on our doorstep. The first game of the season, Gryffindor versus Slytherin, will take place during the first weekend of November, and three weeks later, Ravenclaw will play against Hufflepuff. Those of you that were lucky enough to make your house team, I do hope you’re training hard! And for the rest of us that would tend to do more harm than good on a broomstick, I daresay we’re all getting ready to support our favorite team when the time comes! If you agree with that statement, please let your enthusiasm transpire by signing up for our Craft-Along here!

The months of October and November will be aaaaalllll about crafting Quidditch and those boring Muggle sports I don’t know the name of (is one of them called how-key or something?). As usual, we’d like you to give us suggestions as to Quidditch Pitch Must-Haves. Also, once you’re done, please hop on your broomstick and show off your talent while everyone cheers madly!

Remember that we're awarding MyLeaky points to everyone participating in the CAL:

  • 1 MyLeaky point for signing up for a craft-along

  • 1 MyLeaky point for every Quidditch Pitch Must-Haves suggestion you make

  • 5 MyLeaky points for posting pictures of one finished product

  • 10 MyLeaky points for posting pictures of every extra finished product

We know that many of you don't visit the Leaky Lounge daily, preferring to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal or the Harry Potter Crafts Yahoo group. So rather than asking you to come to us this time around, we're coming to you where you normally follow us.

So, would you prefer to sign up for this Craft-Along on Livejournal insead? Share your newly sewn Quidditch gears by posting them in an album over at the Harry Potter Crafts Yahoo group? Ask your questions on Twitter? Well, you can just do so. We'll keep an eye on everything and share what you've made back in the Leaky Lounge threads for you. And if you add your MyLeaky username in your posts or picture descriptions, you'll still earn MyLeaky points! So get going!

A new season, a new Crafty Witch!

 Hi, everyone!

As we fall into autumn (Hahaha, I punned!) and prepare for the launch of the crafting craze that is sure to come with the release of part one of Deathly Hallows we're also freshening up our little nook of The Leaky Cauldron. Part of that freshening is to welcome our newest Crafty Witch, Marissa! Marissa has offered up her services to be SuperJenn's Sidekick. Marissa? I hope you look good in purple, as SuperJenn won't allow a cape in ANY other color ;)

Take a second to "meet" Marissa below, as she's answered a few interview questions. We Crafty Witches feel very lucky to have her on board, and can't wait to see what she brings to our little team.  

Team Crafty Witch...GO!!Collapse )

Well...hi, there! Remember us?

 Just like spring, September can be considered the start of something new...new school year...new crafts...new Crafty Witches?

Our Featured Crafters of the last three months, Quietish, Shae and donkeyeggs are showcasing some fabulous items, and their talents really shine!

Our July Contest entries were masterful, our updated tutorials couldn't be better.

Need a new hat?

Or maybe some good nosh? Books and bracelets, wands and scarves...you'll find the best of the best here at TLC!

Lastly, we are looking for some help and hope that if you, or someone you know, are interested, that you'll contact us and let us know!

-Crafty Witch Jo Anne, aka JavaStix

Featured Crafter of the Month UpdatesCollapse )
July Contest Winners & EntriesCollapse )
New Tutorials!Collapse )

Job Openings & DescriptionsCollapse )
Gallery UpdatesCollapse )

*beats back Real Life and slams door shut*

*staggers back from door, wand in hand*

Nerve of that dude thinking he can get in the way of serious crafting...

*looks up*

Oh.. Uhm.. *blushes* Hi! Sorry. Been having a couple of go rounds with real life here but think we've got it now!

Must have by the list of new tutorials added to Leaky Crafts Section! :D

Harry Potter CraftsCrafty Goodness!Collapse )

*hears knocking on door*

I know its you again!  Go away! We're crafting and you can't stop us Real Life!


We are SO excited....

 To "introduce" to you the newest member of the Crafty Witch family!  Ann-Marie, auntypsycho here on LJ and around the interwebz, has come on board with us to be our new tutorial hunter/permission requester.

Yep! You heard right!!  She'll be scouring the interwebz weekly looking for the latest, the GREATEST, in Harry Potter crafts and asking you if we, the Crafty Witches, can host YOUR crafts on The Leaky Cauldron AND Leaky Lounge!  What's better than that?  Well, how about if you say yes and we post your tutorial you get 25 MyLeaky points for your house!!

Of course, if you'd like to earn even MORE MyLeaky points we'll give you 50 for every tutorial that you send us to post at crafts@the-leaky-cauldron.org without us having to ask you for it. How easy is THAT?

Now, without further ado, please click the cut to "meet" Ann-Marie. 

We know you'll love her as much as we do!Collapse )

Head on over to quietish 's page on The Leaky Cauldron to check out her awesome work, then make sure to stop by Leaky Lounge to congratulate her on her award!

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